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Foods carts are all the rage in NY right now. Although hot dog stands and halal carts still exist, it's the more unique cuisines that now populate the streets. From gourmet brick oven pizza and authentic New England lobster rolls to delicately decorated cupcakes and artisanal ice cream, the food truck scene has clearly intensified.

At The Modern in Fort Lee, NJ, we recognized this craze and incorporated it into the lifestyle amenity package. Every Tuesday and Thursday, a different food truck arrives at approximately 5pm. By 6pm, there's a line around The Modern's memorable circular driveway and by 7pm, the food truck is nearly always sold out! The residents have truly taken to these weekly events, and thanks to the variety of food trucks in the NY metropolitan area, we are able to offer a diverse range of cuisines each month. It truly is remarkable how each Tuesday and Thursday there seems to be a different energy in the building, and as Property Management has indicated, they often receive phone calls from residents wondering what the next food truck will serve.

As the conversation continues to shift towards the "next best" amenity, consider incorporating an amenity like The Modern's weekly food trucks that is bound to draw a crowd. Simple yet effective, sometimes the easiest way to build a successful and happy community is to offer food and lots of it!


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