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NAHB 2017

The Marketing Directors always seeks differentiators that make sense for our projects and our developers. The following represents what we feel are interesting and cost effective new products which can make your projects memorable and significant in the marketplace.

Please let us know your thoughts!

LeNova- Water tower, faucet, O3 faucet, marble sink.

There are affordable shower towers for a more impactful impression.

Even spiral kitchen faucets are now more affordable.

Ronbow- lighted mirror.

This mirror has a light source built into the frame for a modern application where there are no sconces. They can also provide a medicine cabinet version.

Elkay- colored quartz sinks, provide a pop of color in a powder room.

Monogram- these refrigerator columns can be assembled to form almost any size fridge. You can also add a freezer column to customize your appliance pack.

Monogram double door ovens, excellent for tight kitchens.

Electrolux- air-o-steam, air-o-chill, it provides an integrated cook and chill system for high volume kitchens.

Best- range hoods, are now more powerful than ever.

Velux- sun tunnel (comes in various sizes). Interesting solution to add light to long internal corridor.

Heroal- shutters from Germany. Elegant solution for ground floor residences, storm protection or

Soci- tile, faucet tile patterns – now at reasonable prices.

CSE-LED down light.

These were some of our PICKS OF THE SHOW – These LED lights attach to the ceiling with almost no clearance needed. Perfect for solutions where a recessed light cannot fit. The photo we took doesn’t do these lights justice! They come in all sizes, shapes, and brightness. Truly the way of the future.

Custom Service Hardware- rolling door. Where it is too tight to have a swing door, these rolling doors can provide the perfect solution. To make it less barnlike, hide the mechanism behind a soffit!

DVX- sink cover, 3D printed faucet.

Bosch- microwave/range thermador.

Task Lighting- track outlets & USBs, closet lighting, under mount kitchen lighting.

Power strips for under cabinet installation means you can offer multiple outlets for an affordable cost. Better way to provide electrical service than in the past – cheaper, faster, brighter and more outlets where you need them!

Closet rod lighting is effective, discreet, bright, and inexpensive.

Viking has a new induction cooktop in 30” and 36” models.

This induction warmer is placed under the countertop for areas where food might be kept hot-great entertaining idea-when the correct pot is placed on the surface, in this case a stone surface, the induction cooktop warms the pot, not the stone. Great for entertaining.

JSG Oceana- sink.

Very modern integral sinks make a design statement that’s sure to set you apart.

Mr. Sinks & Faucets- square sink at an affordable price.

LG- signature washing machine-very easy to use control panel.

General comment: all new appliances will be “connected” via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in the next 2 years. So whatever you spec today will be clearly outmoded when you deliver your home.

Hettich siding doors for the true incognito kitchen where space is an issue.

Karran- flush mounted sinks. We made you aware of this trend two years ago. F lush mounted sinks have a clean, modern “new” look.

Liebherr- wine fridge in various sizes but also offers a wine cooler section in the fridge that allows small space applications to have a “wine fridge” in the regular fridge!

Dawn- shower drains.

Time to add some pizazz to your shower drains. Think of it as “shower jewelry.”

Caesarstone- sink with linear drain.

For amenity areas, this type of sink makes a huge statement!


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