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For those who desire a professionally-designed home but don’t have the time, know-how (or budget) to interview interior designers, Havenly will be your go-to resource. Select a designer, provide photographs of the space, give a sense of timing, and let the professional get to work creating your vision.

When cozy met contemporary. Hygge, the recently-popularized Danish and Norwegian word that translates to feeling cozy and comfortable, has grown into a movement in the U.S. over the last year. Developers are pivoting from sleek and ultra-modern design in both residences and common spaces to embrace their inner snuggle.

UK-based company, Glazing Vision has engineered what appears to be a standard skylight, into a fully-operable enclosure that provides convenient rooftop access without the mass of a standard bulkhead. The skybox’s low profile and modest dimensions offer a discreet alternative to typically hulky and intrusive stair bulkheads, while maintaining the historic roofline and key architectural features of the original building.

While it’s more expensive in the beginning, it’s less porous and prone to staining than marble, which translates to easy maintenance. The surface also reduces the potential for bacterial growth from food, mold, and water absorption and if you’re still not convinced…it doesn’t have to be sealed every year.

One way to reduce condo appliances' cost when it comes to cooking is consider getting an induction cooker. This is because induction elements use 90% energy for cooking as compared to the 55% to 65% of gas and electric ranges. Bonus: it can boil water 50% faster than a regular range.

Break it up. For city dwellers, sectionals offer a practical advantage because long pieces of furniture are not always possible for a tight fit. They also offer a multitude of design possibilities because you can arrange with or without letting a/the wall take the lead.

Coming off the huge success of her much revered Lilia in Williamsburg, Michelin star chef Missy Robbins plans to open a new restaurant at Two Trees Management’s $3 billion Domino Sugar redevelopment. The restaurant is expected to open next year.


IOTAS is smart home software designed specifically for renters. The platform creates an intuitive, seamless, and turnkey home tech experience. For example, turning off your bedroom light will trigger all other lights to turn off, and your thermostat to turn down.

An engineering team at Columbia University has developed a 3-D food printer that's capable of both designing and cooking food at the same time. Once this technology hits the market, it will revolutionize dining at home.

10. Walmart

The retail behemoth is apparently going head-to-head with Amazon, testing out a new service with August doorbell and security cameras that will provide customers with the ability to have packages and groceries delivered inside their homes rather than left on the doorstep outside. Concerned about security? Just tap on the smartphone notification and you can even watch the delivery take place.


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