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1. OASIS, founded in Buenos Aires in 2009 by Parker Stanberry is looking to best the short-term home-sharing giant Airbnb with a full(er)-service offering. Their motto is “home meets hotel” and that means high-end short-term rentals complete with clean towels, fast Wi-Fi, and even tiny shampoo bottles.

2. STATEMENT CIELINGS will be a top trend in 2018. The “fifth wall” has been elevated from an understated or even forgotten surface to a prominent canvas for showcasing dramatic color, texture and materials. Some popular ceiling alternatives include tin, wooden beams, textured wallpaper and embossed foam ceiling tile.

3. MICROTARGETING is a social media advertising must. From zip codes to spending habits, savvy media agencies and real estate firms are leveraging all sorts of data points to pinpoint desired audiences and drive conversions. Followers are no longer enough, engagement is the name of the game.

4. DECORATING FOR THE HOLIDAYS can be challenging, but fortunately this season, less is more. For starters use what you have around the house, like votive holders, then play with mixed metallics and muted monochromatics. Finally, don’t forget the greenery; garlands, fresh flowers and even succulents to lift your spirits and impress your guests.

5. PARQEX has joined the growing list of apps competing for your major market city’s lack of parking. The Chicago based startup connects people who own private parking spots in a garage or a lot with people looking for a place to leave their cars for an hour, a month, or even longer. This creates a key point of differentiation with competitors like SpotHero and ParkWhiz, which primarily list public parking facilities or valet services.

6. BLUR THE INDOOR AND OUTDOOR for maximum cool factor. Contemporary architects are increasingly incorporating natural elements into the structures of homes and the indoor/outdoor lifestyle is quickly transitioning from “trend” to “movement”. For instance, once limited to seasonal barbecues and pool parties, the traditional back patio has transformed into a year-round destination space.

7. STREET LEAFS plans to operate, farm, and sell hyper-local produce, including leafy greens, root veggies, and herbs, in an (enclosed) building near you. The startup mastered vertical farming at Square Roots, an urban farming and entrepreneurship platform that’s powered by community, technology, and a love for local, real food.

8. CLOSING GIFTS always aim to impress, but the latest crop of super brokers are really stepping up their game. Rescue puppy from Yulin, Guangxi, China? Custom made four-level dollhouse with bubblegum-pink exterior? Sponsoring the housewarming party, including the costs of catering, alcohol, and wait staff? Take notes people!

9. INSTANT POT is an electric multicooker that’s taken the internet by storm. “Potheads” are using their Instant Pots for sautéing, pressure-cooking, steaming, and even making yogurt. The kitchen gadget was invented by Robert Wang, a computer science Ph.D., who started tinkering with kitchen appliances after being laid off from his dot-com position in 2008. After sluggish early sales, Mr. Wang says that more than 1,500 Instant Pot cookbooks have been written, including several of Amazon’s current best-sellers.

10. TEXTURE adds depth and warmth to a room. Collected homes (blends of various styles), fabric layering and pops of color, create a subtle new dimension that appeals to a wide range of people. For example, rough textures can be offset with soft velvet or hand-knit wool throws and smooth metal side tables, mirrors and ceramic accents.


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