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1. OUTFRONT MEDIA was awarded a long-term contract by The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority for advertising and digital communications. They will be bringing 40,000 ad screens across subways, commuter rail, buses and billboards.

2. SOLAR POWER is charging indoor-outdoor common areas at Steel Works in Harrison, NJ. An interactive display in the mail room shows just how much energy is being collected in real-time.

3. UBS WEALTH MANAGEMENT reports that San Francisco is the most overvalued US city, followed by Los Angeles. Also in overvalued territory among global gateway cities are Paris, Frankfurt, UBS’ headquarters city of Zurich, Geneva and Tokyo. Boston and the New York City metro area are fair value, as are Milan and Singapore.

4. SPECIALTY GROCERY STORES such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s in close proximity to residential property remain a desirable selling point for residents in urban areas. New store openings are hotly anticipated, such as the upcoming Trader Joe’s in SoHo and Whole Foods 365 in Weehawken, NJ.

5. SHERMAN-WILLIAMS’ pick for 2018’s hottest color is "Oceanside SW 6496” a rich blue with jewel-toned greens. “Green-blues in deep values, such as Oceanside, respond to changes in light, which is a quality that creates intense dimension,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams.

6. WESTFIELD CENTURY CITY is forging a new retail frontier with “frictionless parking” that offers reserved spots through license plate scanning technology, a Next Health cryotherapy clinic where patients can stand in freezing pods, and ultra-luxury VIP accommodations. They will also have a little help from Eataly, Amazon Books, San Diego’s Crack Shack and Equinox.

7. CHARLES & CO in Jersey City will dedicate their 20,000 square foot second floor to a robust coworking hub for interesting and friendly entrepreneurs and startup companies. Designed by Rebecca Johnson, the space will feature a communal lounge and terrace, conference rooms, a cafe, bar and wellness room.

8. HIGH-END PET FACILITIES are top earners for multifamily developers. The number of households owning at least one pet jumped 35% during the past decade to 74.1 million, according to the U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook, published by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Dogs reign supreme with 43.3 million households owning one.

9. MOVEABLE ISLANDS are a new development kitchen design trend. They provide for tremendous flexibility and versatility, especially for small space homes because residents can relocate the island as they see fit. At Vantage in Jersey City, they are designed with an overhang to provide a breakfast bar function that doubles as an additional workspace.

10. NEW MIDCENTURY MODERN in relation to housing development looks to recreate the effortless and sleek vibe of the architecture it’s paying homage to, while still thinking architecturally forward, not backward.


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